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Studio AR&D Architects is an innovative architecture & design firm with offices based out of Los Angeles and Palm Springs, California. Our firm was founded on the belief that architecture has the capacity to help shape one’s experience. Our projects, big or small, public or private, all aim to engage the public in a meaningful poetic way and leave a lasting impression.

Sean Lockyer, AIA

Sean is the founding principal and lead architect for Studio AR&D Architects. His choice for the direction of the firm has always been one that speaks to the craft and alliance between both architecture and the landscape. Since its inception, the firm began to truly explore the poetic relationship of space and materiality amongst interior and exterior environment.

Sean continues to develop the deeper relationships and coexistence of material and space and their influences on our everyday lives. He has helped cultivate a body of work that is deeply influenced by the environment and the sense. He enjoys the time within the firm’s offices as much as on the construction sites working closely with the builders and craftsmen breathing life into the firms designs.

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